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Old Wax

Early recordings of traditional Puerto Rican music 

You can read further details about these recordings in the blog La Clave by the Cuatro Project researcher David Morales

 Pathéphone record player, 1912

Home phonograph player of Amberol celluloid cylinders by the Edison Gramophone company, dated 1910


 Listen to Gracia Rivera sing the guaracha "Para Tí" on an Amberol cylinder made by the Edison company. 

 Listen to the singers called Parilla and Carillo on a Columbia disk titled Seis Mampelle. It really is not a seis  Seis Mapeyé, but more accurately is an Aguinaldo Cagueño.

 Listen to side two of the same disk, where Parilla and Carillo sing a song named Seis MariandáIt really is not a seis Mariandá, but more accurately is a Seis del Dorado.