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Where can I learn to play or make a cuatro?
Where can I find out more about native instruments, music, culture, etc.?


Our good friend, the famed cuatrista and online cuatro teacher Maribel Delgado has created an impressive learning resource for the cuatro on the internet. 

At last! An entire series of Cuatro teaching resources for English-speakers!

Samuel Ramos, an accomplished Puerto Rican musical educator, has produced an impressive series of bilingual teaching resources for the Puerto Rican cuatro, including a 2-part entry-level series; a cuatro chord bible; a scale, chord and arpeggio compilation; transcription of traditional Puerto Rican Christmas tunes; transcriptions of traditional Puerto Rican aguinaldos and seises; transcriptions of classical music; plus tiple, guitar and mandolin methods.

NOTE: Another useful teaching resource for the more visually-oriented English-speaking learner is Alvin Medina's bilingual cuatro DVD.

Important articles about Puerto Rican music and culture:

Music in "Porto Rico"
A lengthy 1904 New York Times article describes musical vignettes in the new US possession.

How to understand el reggaetón (not translated yet)

Teachers are self-listed or recommended by others. Inclusion on this list does not imply a recommendation from the Cuatro Project

New York City
Luis Rodriguez
718-549-4275 or 917-872-4611

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
La Escuelita del Campo

Clases de Guitarra y Cuatro
Orlando Viruet, cuatrista maestro
tel: (787) 306-8883

Guayama, Puerto Rico
Cultura Riquen
Dedicado al desarrollo de la cultura puertorriqueña, sin excluír jazz, rock y bosanova.
148 calle Calimano Norte
Guayama PR
tel: (787) 866-4094

Evans, Georgia, USA
Gerardo Colón Ortiz
Maestro de Cuatro; por notación o de oído
Shadow Oak Drive
Evans, Georgia
(706) 394-0795

New Jersey, USA
Gabriel Muñoz

Gabriel is a student of the great Alvin Medina (see at right)
Facebook: Gabriel Munoz
Email: gabrielmunoz4@yahoo.com
Cell# 609-902-3561

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania EEUU
Daniel Class Jr.

Facebook: Daniel Class
Email: cuatroconclass@aol.com
Telephone: 1-610-419-4001


Did you know that Alvin Medina, one of the most distinguished young super-stars of our time is also a fine teacher of his instrument? If you reside in the Orlando, Florida, region you might be able to ask the busy maestro for a bit of his time to teach you how to play the Puerto Rican cuatro. Contact him here.